We're Detroit Hacks.

See you again in the fall!

>What is DetroitHacks?

DetroitHacks is a hackathon orginization with a mission to spread the power of technology across Metro Detroit, founded for and by local high school students. We began our journey in Early 2023, having our first event at the Novi Public Library with attendees from all over Michigan, and continue to have more throughout the fall, continuing into 2025.

Our Schedule (EST)

Check back in the fall!


Our Team

Yash Anil

Yash is committed to using his computational and engineering skills to make a difference in his community and globally.

He founded DetroitHacks in the fall of 2022 to assemble a group of aspiring students at NHS to research, develop, and learn with.

Outside of DetroitHacks, he runs the World Computer Exchange Metro Detroit Chapter and AMCC.

Jason Dominic

Jason is a driven and passionate student who has dedicated almost a decade to his love for technology and using it to help others.

Throughout his school career, he has founded multiple coding clubs, with the aim of sharing his knowledge and inspiring others to explore the possibilities of technology.

In addition to his coding clubs, he has taken on leadership roles in various tech-related organizations like DetroitHacks, which he joined in early 2023.

Got any questions?

Feel free to send us an email at detroithackswebsite@gmail.com!